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It was a pleasure to be a guest on Rochel’s Blissful Living show last week. I thought she she did a great job of coming up with interesting and relevant questions that her listeners will want to know about Astronumerology. She ensures that people are able to take away practical information they can use on a daily basis from your subject of expertise. For these reasons, I would recommend being a guest on her show to help get your message out there to an audience that can benefit from what you have to offer.

Samantha Samuels, Astronumerologist

Rochel Marie Lawson knows how to make both her guest and listeners feel welcome and warm.With her engaging and alive spirit, Rochel Marie ask great questions and inserts just the right comments with a sense of humor, expertise and grace. Rochel Marie and  her team are true professionals, are always well prepared. They have a knack for making everything so smooth and seamless for the the guest and the listeners, no matter what may be going on behind the scene. Rochel Marie is a generous hostes and I would readily accept any future opportunities to be interviewed by her as well as urge other speakers to do the same!

Cindy Powers Prosor, Speaker, Calming the Chaos Within Expert